Steve Yzerman Is A Good General Manager For The Detroit Red Wings Hockey Team.

Steve Yzerman made good decisions in the 2019 NHL Draft for the Detroit Red Wings Hockey Team a few weeks ago. Drafting 5 Defenseman. We where lacked of Defenseman on the squad. It was our Team Weaknesses after Nikluas Lidstrom retired in the 2011-12 season for the Detroit Red Wings Hockey Team. The Rebuilding Process Is Going Very Well. Steve Yzerman was a good hire we got as GM. Did good things for the Tampa Bay Lighting Squad in the past years. Took them to the 2015 Stanley Cup Finals. Lost to the Chicago Blackhawks in 6 games at United Center in Chicago. Steve knows what he is doing as a General Manager in the NHL. Saw that one in Tampa Bay. Steve knows his Hockey very well. Knows what his player evaluations & knows there strengths & weaknesses are in there Hockey Game. Building a good foundation of the team as well. Hockey Town is going to comeback again. Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, MI is going to packed again in the future. Wants to build a team up to be Stanley Cup Playoff Contenders again. Just like Scotty Bowman did for the Detroit Red Wings in 1993-02. Steve played on 3 Stanley Cup Title Teams with Scotty Bowman during his time in Detroit. Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, MI was packed every home game in the past season. Steve was the Greatest Captain of all-times in Franchise History. Good Team Player. Made everyone around him better. Having good role players on the squad. He is going to do that one as General Manager now. Steve knows his stuff. Players will want to play for him anyways. Excited about that one. They got Anthony Mantha, Andreas Anthansiou, & Dylan Larkin. He will build a team around those 3 guys anyways in Detroit. One of the 5 best GM’s in the NHL right now.

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