Joe Sakic Has Done A Good Job As GM For The Colorado Avalanche Hockey Team Already Now In Denver, CO.

Joe Sakic has done a good job as GM of the Colorado Avalanche Hockey Team already now. Took them to the Stanley Cup Playoffs a few times already as GM. Drafting good young players in the system. Bringing back the organization once was in the past years. He was the Greatest Captain they ever had in this organization. Won 2 Stanley Cup Titles as a player in his time there in 1996 & 2001. Patrick Roy was the best Goalie in the NHL during that time being. Had a winning record in the Stanley Cup Playoffs against the Detroit Red Wings 3-2. 1996, 1999, & 2000. Lost to them in the Western Conference Finals twice also too. 1997 & 2002. He was a good team player. Petr Forsberg was the best player in the NHL during that time being. Rivals with the Detroit Red Wings in the past years. They didn’t like one another. GM Steve Yzerman is going to do good things as GM for the Detroit Red Wings Hockey Team in the near future. He was a good GM for the Tampa Bay Lighting during that time being. Took them to the Stanley Cup Finals in 2015. Lost to the Chicago Blackhawks in 6 Games of the 2015 Stanley Cup Finals at Untied Center in Chicago. Joe Sakic is going to be a Hockey Hall Of Famer as well. Knows his stuff very well. Figuring out player evaluations what they can do for the team to be successful. Figure out what there things they can do down the road for the Colorado Avalanche. Developing young players to be something special in the future for the team. Joe Sakic is building a good organization as GM for the Colorado Avalanche Hockey Team. Has a good understanding of things going on also too. Colorado is going to be good again for now on. Just like he played in his days in Denver. One of my favorite players on the team in the past seasons.

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