Kyle Shanahan Is Going To Be My NFL Coach Of The Year Award Candidate In 2019 For The San Francisco 49ers Football Team.

Kyle Shanahan is going to be my NFL Coach of the Year award candidate for the 2019 San Francisco 49ers Football Team. Having Jimmy Grappolo back at QB this season. Injured a year ago. It hurt them & had a losing season also too. Good his good TE to throw to also too. George Kittle at TE. Had a good season a year ago. Making big time receptions for the 49ers at his TE position. Breaking the record for most receptions & receiving yards in NFL History. End of the 2017 season Jimmy came on very strong & got on a winning streak at 5 straight wins in December. Now he is healthy in 2019. Compete with the Los Angeles Rams & Seattle Seahawks in the NFC West Divisional. Jimmy is the key. Has to stay healthy & run the Offense & help the squad win a lot of games in 2019 for the San Francisco. Kyle is my good candidate to win 2019 NFL Coach of the Year Award Candidate. Talent is there. Got to do the job period.

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