Great Week For The 2004 Class For The Michigan Wolverines Football Team.

It was a excellent week for the Recruiting Class of 2004 Michigan Wolverines Football Team in Ann Arbor. They where a good QB & RB duo in there playing days for Head Coach Lloyd Carr in Ann Arbor from 2004-07. Both of them have succeeded already now in there time being as well too. Graduated in 2008 at the University of Michigan. Set a good example for this good University of Michigan this past week. Smart individual guys on & off the playing field. Hard School to get in anyways in Ann Arbor.

Mike Hart got hired as RB’s Coach from Head Coach Jim Harbaugh this past week. He had good success as a RB’s Coach at Eastern & Western Michigan, Syracuse, & Indiana. Guide a lot of RB’s to rush for over 1000 yards at every School he went to. There is talent at the RB position for the Maize & Blue right now. He will use them very well anyways. Teach good stuff as well too.

Chad Henne guide the Kansas City Chiefs Football Team to a victory over the Cleveland Browns in the AFC Divisional Playoff Game at home on Sunday Night at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. He was clutch in that game too. On 3rd & 14 ran for 13 yards & setup 4th & inches threw the Football to Tyreek Hill to seal the deal for Chiefs in this one. Credit goes to Head Coach Andy Reid & OC Eric Bieminey to have confidence with Chad Henne late in the game. Play for there 3rd straight AFC Conference Championship Game at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City Next Sunday Night on CBS. Patrick Mahomes believed in Chad Henne as well too in this one at home. Defense help out there too.

Lloyd Carr is very proud of those 2 guys in the Recruiting Class of 2004 for the Michigan Wolverines Football Team this past week. Both of them are smart individual guys on what they do out there anyways.

Go Blue RB’ Coach Mike Hart.

Go Blue & Go Chiefs QB Chad Henne.

Congratulations On A Outstanding Week For Those 2 Michigan Men. On There Accomplishments On Hiring Of RB’s Coach Mike Hart & QB Chad Henne Carry The Kansas City Chiefs To A Victory At Home On Sunday Night.

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