Josh Gattis Is Going To Get The New Offense Going Indeed For The Michigan Wolverines Football Team.

New Offense has struggled so far in the 3 games they have played in so far. This New Offense takes time to get this one going. You are seeing that one now for the Michigan Wolverines Football Team. You are going to make mistakes at the beginning of the season. I have seen that one. The players will get better at this New Offense when they go along into the 2019 campaign. This is Josh Gattis 1st year as a play caller. He is making mistakes at calling the plays. You will mistakes at calling the plays. Josh is going to get that one figure out going forward to the 2019 campaign. Players are learning this New Offense. They are going to get this one down. It will take off. Remember that one. Fans need to be patient. Josh is going to be a good play caller when the season goes along. He is a good learner. He will figure out things when we get to B1G Conference Play. Haven’t gotten into the groove yet. It is going to come. Mark that one down. Players are going to take off. Haven’t hit our peak yet. We will hit our peak at the end of the season. Offense is going to take off. The players are learning this Offense very well. We know it was a disappointed game we where in on Saturday at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison, WI. Wisconsin Badgers played a very good game. Offense is going to get better each & every game for now. Jim Harbaugh made a good hire of getting Josh Gattis in the off-season. He is a good learner. Had good success at Coaching WR’s at every school he went to. Cut down on the penalties, turnovers, & drop passes we had in the 3 games in. We do that one right. It will lead to wins. Play discipline fundamental Football going forward to the next 9 games we got on the schedule. Offensive Line play is going to get better as well too. Josh has good players on the Offensive Side of the Football. They will take off & get this going in the right direction we want to be at end of the season. Injuries have come into play. New Offense is going to shine. Just wait & see. Our best games are going to come yet. We will start scoring points in bunches. Do the right things for our team wants to be at the right time of the year. Trust the process. Stay calm & relax. Have Confidence with our 1st year play caller. Stay patient with the Maize & Blue. We will have a good Offense going forward to the 2019 campaign for the Michigan Wolverines Football Team. Believe in our team on Offense. Players will get this one down. Trust Josh Gattis to get us to the top at the end of the season in Ann Arbor. We got this thing coming for sure.

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