Ryan Wilson Is Doing A Good Job As Head Coach Of The Cros-Lex Pioneers Volleyball Team & Program.

Ryan Wilson has done a good job as Head Coach of the Cros-Lex Pioneers Volleyball Team & Program. Took over for Michelle (Huber) McCulloch. Got the milestone 2 weeks ago. Got the 300th career victory as Head Coach of the Cros-Lex Pioneers Volleyball Team & Program during that tenure. Ryan is a hard working guy year in & year out. Goes out & works with the Volleyball Team & Program year round. Blessed to have good players on the squad during that time frame. Runs a good program. They have played a lot of Volleyball during that time being. They got more good ones to come in the future of the Cros-Lex Pioneers Volleyball Team. Freshman, JV, 7th & 8th Grade Volleyball Team is good. They got a good tradition going there now at Cros-Lex. You gotta work at this thing each & every year. You have seen that one in the book. You gotta trust your abilities & go at it all the time. Do it in class & style. Do it the right way. Have good grades in School. You will play on the team period. Ryan is a very nice guy & a good coach. Teaches Math at Cros-Lex HS right now. Good inspiration to the girls that need to do out there at all times. Cros-Lex is a good Volleyball Team. North Branch is had the best against the Cros-Lex Pioneers in the Districts & now in the BWAC Conference once again now. They ain’t in the same District in 2019. Marysville Vikings are in that District in 2019. Marysville is had there number as well too. 1999 Squad was the one reason why, they where better then the Cros-Lex Pioneers. Ryan went to Fenton HS & Graduated in 2001. Got his Teaching Degree in Math in College. Got hired as a Teacher at Cros-Lex HS.

Go Cros-Lex Pioneers Volleyball Team & Head Coach Ryan Wilson. Keep On Working Hard In The Program For More Years To Come In The Future.

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