Jim Fish Has Done A Unbelievable Job For The 2019 North Branch Broncos Volleyball Team.

Jim Fish has done a fantastic job as Head Coach of the 2019 North Branch Broncos Volleyball Team. They lost a lot of good players off the team a year ago. This is a little rebuilding year for them anyways. They are in 1st Place in the BWAC Conference right now. Saw them took on the Cros-Lex Pioneers on Thursday Night at Cros-Lex HS. Jim knows what he is doing as a Volleyball Coach. Players have bought into the system now. 8th Grade class is incredible to watch those girls play night in & night out. Jim’s former player Lauren (Strich) Bruise is Coaching those 8th Graders right now. I saw them play 3 times already in 2019. They are good indeed. Jim will bring 5 of them up on Varsity in 2020 as Freshman of the North Branch Broncos. They have a shot to win a State Championship Title in 2 to 4 years. Rebuilding process has been going very well so far. These girls are doing very well going thru this process they heading in now. Jim is making a team out of them anyways. Knows what he is doing with them & going all out at all times in Practices & Games. Got a couple of good Juniors on the squad now. Breana June & Hannah Farnsworth. Both of them where on Varsity as Sophomores a year ago. They are decent players. Losing Allyson Severance to graduation is a big miss off the team. 4-year starter for the North Branch Broncos Volleyball Team. Now playing College Volleyball at Miami University of Ohio Redhawks squad now. One of the best players they ever had in School History. Grace Deshetsky & a bunch of other ones off the team also too. Jim Fish is the best Volleyball Head Coach in the Whole Thumb Area right now.

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