Congratulations To Both Head Coaches For The Harbor Beach Pirates On A Job Well Done Last Week.

Stephanie Weiss & Troy Schelke did a good job for the Harbor Beach Pirates Volleyball & Football Team in 2019. They won the GTCE Division Title outright last week. Both of them did a very good job Coaching there teams up all season long. They have achieved there goals to be GTCE Division Champions in Volleyball & Football respectfully. Having good senior leadership in the 2020 class. They do things the right way on & off the playing court & field. Having good grades in school. Doing it the right way. Having good qualities to be a good team. Both of them are good people. They go out & do it the right way. Go about there business at all times. They have lived up to the hyped. I expected the Volleyball & Football Team to be the team to beat in the GTCE Division in 2019 campaign in the preseason. They kept on going for it all. Give both of them a round of applause at School what they did for there Volleyball & Football Teams & be outright GTCE Division Champions last week. Administration Of The Harbor Beach Community Schools Should Be Proud Of Both Of Them What They Did In 2019. Take there squads to be successful & do the right things at all times & be good people in the classroom, practices, & games. This community should be proud of both coaches have done all season long. I have enjoyed covering there games. Been a privilege of doing that one for both of them. I am proud of them. Small town of Harbor Beach should be proud what they did for those players. It is a good community to be at these days of ages.

Congratulations To Stephanie Weiss & Troy Schelke On Your Accomplishments Last Week On Guiding The Volleyball & Football Team Respectfully To Be Outright GTCE Division Champions Last Week. Made The Town Of Harbor Beach & Myself Proud What You Did For The Athletes.

Go Harbor Beach Pirates Volleyball & Football Team….

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