Don (Leak) Martindale Is Doing A Very Good Job As Defensive Coordinator For The Baltimore Ravens.

Don (Leak) Martindale is a good Defensive Coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens & also in the NFL. Saw there Defense play against the Los Angeles Rams on the road on Monday Night Football on ESPN. Held a good Los Angeles Rams Offense to 6 Points on the scoreboard. Field Goals they settled in this one. Force a couple of turnovers. Defense has been good there thru out the time being for the Baltimore Ravens since 2000 with Ray Lewis & company. Ray Lewis was the one that started the Good Defense for the Baltimore Ravens. Kept on going for more to come. 9-2 on the 2019 NFL season. 1st Place in the AFC East Division once again. Defense takes you along ways away in the Playoffs. Offense has help them out now in 2019. Good Running Game helps out your good Defense. Already showing you that one on the stat sheet. Defense Wins Games & Championships. Beat a good Offense on Sunday Night Football at home against the New England Patriots on NBC a few weeks ago. Team Defense is the key to winning games & championships. Baltimore Ravens is a good Defensive Team. Impressed with them in a 45-6 victory on Monday Night Football on ESPN in Los Angeles. One of the 5 best DC’s in the NFL.

Go Baltimore Ravens Defensive Coordinator Don (Leak) Martindale……..

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