Justin Tucker Made The GW Field Goal When Time Expired Against The San Francisco 49ers At Home On Sunday.

San Francisco 49ers vs Baltimore Ravens was a good game to watch on Sunday in Baltimore. Weather conditions where lousy in that game. Didn’t bother both teams at all. Both teams have good Offenses & Defenses going into that contest. It was a low scoring affair all game long. It was expected to be a low scoring affair anyways. Big play for the San Francisco 49ers made in that one. Marcel Harris forced a scripted the Football out of Lamar Jackson’s hand in the 3rd Quarter when Baltimore was on the move to scoring a TD or a FG. Instead Baltimore turn it over. San Francisco settled for a FG instead. Scored 2 TD’s & 2 FG’s in that one. San Francisco scored 2 TD’s in the 1st Half. 4th Down Play Jimmy Garoppolo hit Deebo Samuel for a TD & Raheem Mortser ran for another one. Robbie Gould missed a FG when time expired at the end of the 1st Half. Baltimore took a 17-14 halftime lead over San Francisco. San Francisco tied the game at 17 all in the 3rd Quarter. Stayed that way until :03 left in regulation. Rely on Justin Tucker to kick a 49 Yard Field Goal Attempt for the GW one. Justin Tucker made it anyways. 39 consecutive Field Goal attempts from inside 50 yards. That weather didn’t bother him at all. He has kicked GW Field Goals for the Texas Longhorns before for former Head Coach Mack Brown in Austin. Did that one in the 2009 Big 12 Conference Championship Game at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX against the Nebraska Cornhuskers. To take them to the BCS Championship Game on January 7th, 2010 in Pasadena, CA against the Alabama Crimson Tide in a 37-21 lost to Alabama. 30 Years Old now. Good Placekicker in the NFL for the Baltimore Ravens for Head Coach John Harbaugh. Baltimore is 10-2 on the season & San Francisco is 10-2 on the season as well too. Expected to be a good one anyways. San Francisco is got 3 more tough opponents coming up on the schedule going forward to the season so far. New Orleans next week on the road. Los Angeles Rams at home not a easy one as well too. Seattle Seahawks on the road in a tough hostile environment in the last game of the season. Baltimore is no slouches at all either. Getting closed to being Back 2 Back AFC East Division Champions once again. Pittsburgh Steelers ain’t going to be a easy one at all. They have favorable schedule coming up for John Harbaugh & company. Played a much improved San Francisco 49ers Team on Sunday at home. Kyle Shanahan doing a good job as Head Coach of this team in 2019.

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