Ritchie Feys Retired As Defensive Coordinator For The Almont Raiders Football Team.

Ritchie Feys has retired as Defensive Coordinator for the Almont Raiders Football Team & Program. He had a good career for the Almont Raiders Football Team as Defensive Coordinator from 2011-19 for Head Coaches & Jeremy Ferman & James Leusby in 2011-19. Took 3 teams to the Division 5 Semifinals in 2011 & 2014. Went to one in 2019 with James Leusby. Went to the Division 5 State Championship Game at Ford Field in Detroit this past year & lost to Lansing Catholic 31-17. Played for Head Coach Gary Carson in 1985-87 for the Almont Raiders Football Team. 3-Time All Class C Blue Water Area Team In 1985-87. Went 8-1 in 1987 in his Senior season. Lose to the Brown City Green Devils 6-0 at Brown City HS. Played for the Great Head Coach Gary Carson & Great Defensive Coordinator Tom Abraham in this days. 1988 Almont HS Graduated. Went to Alma College & Played College Football in Division 3. Had a good career at Alma College. One of Gary Carson’s best players he ever had. Played with QB Joe Rayl in 1986 & 1987 for the Almont Raiders Football Team. Also was the Baseball & Softball Coach for the Almont Raiders during that time being. Referee in Basketball also too. Ritchie Feys is super nice guy. He is going to miss as Defensive Coordinator for good at Almont. Loyal guy indeed. Did good things for this program he played on & coach a lot of good players in the past years. Always will be a Almont Raider for the rest of his life. Gary Carson always have been a favorite player of Ritchie Feys in that time being. Hard Working Guy Year In & Year Out. Getting good support from the student body, parents, & his family. Almont Is A Football Town Period. They take Football seriously at Almont HS. Large supporting cast at every home game & even at home games. Good small community they live in these days of ages. Ritchie Feys will missed being Defensive Coordinator for the Almont Raiders Football Team for good. Still teaching order there anyways. Good inspiration to other people as well too. Michigan Wolverines Fan. Spend time with his wife & be with his kids too. Did good things for the community. Well liked by his classmates & other people he knew in School.

Go Almont Raiders Football Team Ritchie Feys……….. You Have Impressed Me. Thanks For Having Me Cover Your Games In The Last 3 Years At Almont. We Will Missed You On The Sidelines As Defensive Coordinator………. So Will The Other Players As Well Too……..

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