Shaun Nua Is Gotta Recruit Defensive Tackles In The 2021 Class For The Michigan Wolverines Football Team.

Shaun Nua is gotta recruit 300 lb Defensive Tackles in the 2021 Class for the Michigan Wolverines Football Team in Ann Arbor. Got some good Defensive Ends in the 2020 Class for the Maize & Blue. Wisconsin & Ohio State exploit our weaknesses at the Defensive Tackles positions in the 2019 game. Jonathon Taylor Wisconsin Badgers & JK Dobbins ran wild against the Michigan Wolverines in 2019. Wisconsin & Ohio State had big Offensive Lineman also too. Ran wild up the middle in the losses Michigan had in 2019. Shaun Nua needs to recruit 300 lb Defensive Tackles in the 2021 Class. That is why, Wisconsin & Ohio State ran all over our Defensive Tackles. Our DT’s where 290 or smaller in 2019. Shaun is gotta recruit 300 lb DT’s in the 2021 Class coming up for the Maize & Blue. We need 300 lb DT’s that can move & get off the Football very fast also too. Get good athletic guys in the makings. Ohio State & Wisconsin beat us in the running game. Penn State beat us on one play on the road in Happy Valley in a 28-21 lost. You wanna stop the run. Recruit 300 lb DT’s in the 2021 Class. That can very well indeed. Get low to the ground. Shaun Nua needs to take a note on that one. Big, Fast, & Strong Guys. Low center of gravity. Shaun Nua is going to recruit hard on Defensive Tackles that weigh 300 lbs in the 2021 Class in Ann Arbor.

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