Derek Stingley Jr Is The Freshman CB In College Football In 2019 For The LSU Tigers.

Derek Stingley Jr is had a good True Freshman Season at CB for the LSU Tigers Football Team in Baton Rouge, LA. Big time recruit in the 2019 Class in High School. Ready to play right away for the LSU Tigers Football Team. They had a good tradition of good DB’s in the past years. Tyrann Mathieu is one of them. Doing very well in the NFL now. Derek is 6-1 & 190 lbs. Doesn’t play like a Freshman at all in College Football plays like a veteran instead. Showing you why, Derek is the best Freshman CB in College Football in 2019. Head Coach Ed Orgeron is blessed to have Derek Stingley Jr on the team on Defense. 13-0 on the campaign. They will take on the Oklahoma Sooners in the College Football Playoff Semifinal Game on Saturday at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, GA. Oklahoma Sooners Football Team has a good Offense in College Football. So does the LSU Tigers do too have a good Offense as well. Having Safety Gavin Delpit back in the lineup on Defense. Has help out a lot better now then they did before. Held Texas A&M Aggies to 7 points on the scoreboard & Georgia Bulldogs to 10 on the scoreboard in the last 2 games of the season. Offense has helped out very nicely too. Defense is no slouch at all as well. Derek has to continue work hard in the off-season in the weight room, continue to get better going forward to 2020 on down. Have good grades in school, put your mind set on stuff you need to do out there. Stay out of trouble with the law. Don’t listen any social media stuff or anybody on TV. Continue that good trend you wanna do in the future. Have a good mind on all of them. Handle your business the right way as well. Trust your stuff & your abilities on daily basis. Believe in your coaches, teammates, friends, & family to go on & get your job done right for the LSU Tigers Football Team for Head Coach Ed Orgeron in Baton Rouge, LA.

Go LSU Tigers Football Team CB Derek Stingley Jr…………

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