Scott Satterfield Did A Good Job As Head Coach Of The 2019 Louisville Cardinals Football Team.

Scott Satterfield did a good job as Head Coach of the 2019 Louisville Cardinals Football Team. Going 8-5 record. 2018 Louisville Cardinals Football Team was miserable. Bobby Petrino got fired as Head Coach. Scott got some things fixed up nicely in 2019. He was Head Coach of the Appalachian State Mountaineers before. Saw Appalachian State go 13-1 overall record in 2019. Kept that program in good shape. Won the Sun Belt Conference Title. Now, Scott is at Louisville. Got a Bowl Game victory against the Mississippi State Bulldogs in a 38-28. Got a victory against Virginia early on in the season. Program Builder. Players love playing for Scott at Appalachian State & Louisville now. Knows what he is doing as a Head Coach in College Football. Bringing back the culture once again in Louisville. Fixed that messed up in 2019 that Bobby Petrino did before. Got that one straighten out now. Going about his business. Building a Foundation once again now in Louisville. Seeing the players improved thru out the course of the season. Clemson Tigers is the powerhouse of College Football & also in the ACC Conference. Louisville is getting better & better each season. Scott Satterfield is the right guy there now in Louisville. Assistant Coach on the 2007 Appalachian State Mountaineers Football Team. They upset the Michigan Wolverines Football 34-32 at The Big House in Ann Arbor on Labor Day Weekend. That build the Appalachian State Mountaineers Football Team up for more good years to come now. Scott is a good College Football Head Coach. Look out for the 2020 Louisville Cardinals Football Team in the ACC Conference. Dangerous Team to watch out there. The program is going to continue to grow for more years to come at Louisville.

Go Louisville Cardinals Football Team Head Coach Scott Satterfield……

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