Ben McDaniels Is Gotta Get Dylan McCaffrey Or Joe Milton Going At QB For The 2020 Michigan Wolverines Football Team.

Ben McDaniels is a QB away to being a Elite College Football Team in 2020 for the Michigan Wolverines Football Team on Offense. Dylan McCaffrey or Joe Milton have a chance to be something special for the Maize & Blue this coming season. They will be important for Head Coach Jim Harbaugh to have a good season on Offense. There going to have work on there stuff together in the off-season. Ben can work with them in the Spring Football Practice for 15 days. Both of them gotta be on there own now & after Spring Football is over. Work on stuff in the winter & summer time. Workout in the weight room. Work on there throwing mechanics & other stuff too. Do those stuff on your own now. Ben McDaniels will work with them in the Spring Practices for 15 days. Jim Harbaugh knows he is QB away to being a Elite College Football Team in 2020. Dylan & Joe have a shot to guide the Maize & Blue out of this slump they where in the last 5 years at QB. Now it is the time for Dylan & Joe to shine out there now in the off-season & Spring Football & summer workouts on there own. Expectations are there. Let’s get it done QB’s Coach Ben McDaniels & Dylan McCaffrey & Joe Milton to compete for the starting QB job in the College Football Opener against the Washington Huskies on the road in Seattle on September 5th, 2020. Expectations are there now. Time to go to work at QB for the Maize & Blue. Off-season workouts starts right now. Work footwork, throwing mechanics, & learning the playbook & RPO’s on your own.

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