Jeff Ryan Is The Best Wrestling Coach In The Whole Greater Thumb Conference.

Jeff Ryan has done a remarkable job as Wrestling Coach for the Sandusky Redskins in his 10 years at the helm. Took a lot of them to the State Finals in his 10 years there at Sandusky. Patrick Brown got a State Runner-Up Finish in 2013 as Junior in High School. Took a few to Wrestle in College. Knows what he is doing as a Wrestling Coach. Learn that stuff his buddy Andy Brydon in Marlette. Andy Coach & Developed Jeff Ryan to be a special Wrestler in Jr. High & also became a good Head Coach in the 2000-01 campaign. Took the Marlette Red Raiders to a GTC, District, & Regional Title in 2001. Lose in the Quarterfinals to New Lothrop. Had a lot of those Wrestlers went to State Finals in 2001. Had a Freshman Wrestler that was State Champion at the 145 pound weight class in Curtis Roddy. Jeff Ryan got let go as Wrestling Coach at Marlette after the season was over. Curtis Roddy transferred to Montrose instead. Jeff is one of those guys that can teach good fundamentals & techniques very well. Seeing those Wrestlers developed very nicely at Sandusky. Got a nice young team that will developed very well in the upcoming years. These young Wrestlers will be special when there career is done at Sandusky. Jeff Ryan is the right man for this job at Sandusky. Done a good job with these individuals in his 10 years at Sandusky. Knows what he is doing. Getting the best out of those Wrestlers in a day to day basis or a night to night basis. He is the best one to have in your program. Knows a lot about Wrestling period. Credit goes to Andy Brydon & Lenny Zeigler for the Marlette Red Raiders Wrestling Team & Program. Both of those developed Jeff Ryan very well. Sandusky is glad to have Jeff there now. Doing good things for those Wrestlers on a timing matter. Respecting them the right way. Pushing them to there expectations year in & year out. Going all out. Trusting there abilities. Reaching there goals to the top of Mt Everest. Jeff Ryan is unbelievable & doing it in dignity & class. Reaching there goals they wanna reach before there careers are over. Jeff Ryan is the best Wrestling Coach in the Whole GTC right now. For what he is got now. Getting those young wrestlers to get better & better each week. Go about there business. Trusting there stuff on time to time basis & matter. Respect them the right way. Treat them right. Work to your expectations. Go for it all. Jeff Ryan is the best one there to help them succeed in the future. Going for this one at the highest mark you wanna reach. Wrestle the right way. Pushing your limits. Fixing stuff what your doing right or wrong. Sandusky is lucky to have a good Wrestling Coach right now at Sandusky. Rudy Thompson is proud of Jeff Ryan has accomplished so far. Mike Stoliker & Mark Dimon on the good hire to getting Jeff Ryan at Sandusky. Great Job Mike Stoliker & Mark Dimon. Jeff is the right guy there now.

Go Sandusky Redskins Wrestling Coach Jeff Ryan………

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