LaVell Jordan Is Doing A Good Job As Butler Bulldogs Basketball Head Coach In The 2019-20 Season.

LaVell Jordan is doing a nice job as Head Coach of the Butler Bulldogs Basketball Team in the 2019-20 campaign in Indianapolis. It is LaVell’s 3rd season as Head Coach of the Butler Bulldogs Basketball Team & Program. Played there as well too. Been a Assistant Coach for John Beilein for the Michigan Wolverines Basketball Team in his tenure there in Ann Arbor. Did good things as Assistant Coach. Learning the Player Development & Recruiting the players that fit there system the right way. Teaching the players to get better & better each season. LaVell is becoming a good College Basketball Head Coach already now. 40 years old. Doing a very good job with this Department he is at now. John Beilein is proud of what LaVell Jordan has done for the Butler Bulldogs Basketball Team & Program as a Head Coach in Indianapolis. Took over for Chris Holtmann in the 2017-18 campaign. Chris is at Ohio State as Head Coach now in Columbus. Doing a good job there as well too. LaVell’s best victory as a Head Coach was in his 1st season at Butler. Beating the No. 1 Overall Team in the nation during that time was the Villanova Wildcats on January 6th, 2016 in Indianapolis. Villanova went onto beat the Michigan Wolverines in the National Championship Game at the Alamo Dome in San Antonio, TX. John Beilein had a good Michigan Wolverines Basketball Team in the 2017-18 campaign. Former Michigan Wolverines Basketball Players are proud of what LaVell Jordan has done at his alma mater this season. LaVell is a good Basketball Coach. It is his passion & Basketball has been there for him as a player & coach. Wanted to be a Basketball Coach when he was growing up in School. Got his gift. LaVell is a good guy indeed. Dedicated all-around guy year round. Does it on a year in & year out basis. Learning some good stuff each & every year as Head Coach in Basketball at Butler University in Indianapolis. Trusting there stuff in practices & games. Working those to reach there expectations need to be at all-times. Players have to buy into LaVell’s system. They have done that one too. It was a good hire also too. John Beilein is proud of LaVell has accomplished so far at Butler.

Go Butler Bulldogs Basketball Team & Head Coach LaVell Jordan…….

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