Al DeMott Is Doing A Super Good Job As Head Coach Of The Sandusky Redskins Girls Basketball Team This Season.

Al DeMott has done amazing job as Head Coach of the Sandusky Redskins Girls Basketball Team in the 2019-20 campaign. Worst talented team he is ever had in his 40 years as Head Coach. They are winning with that one anyways. They lost 3 games on the season to Cass City, Reese, & Ubly. They got 2 nice wins on the road at Caro & Harbor Beach. Emmy Bender & Abbey Trepkowski have been injured for most of the season. The other girls have step up for one another this season. Olivia Jacobson & Abbey Bolsby have been good Senior Leaders for this squad. Helping the young ones to get better each & every week & succeed in the future of this program. Girls have respected Al DeMott’s all that time being in Sandusky. Having over 700 career wins in his 40 years as Head Coach. Remarkable he has done for everyone. Getting them to play when there in 3rd Grade. Get better them there. Seeing grow as a player on the Basketball Team & Court. Seeing good results from you as a player. Al doesn’t rely on one player on the team & he relies on everyone on the team. Leads to wins & being a successful Coach. This season has been a rebuilding process & but the rebuilding process has been going very well for the Sandusky Redskins Girls Basketball Team & Program. Al has a good foundation for those girls in Sandusky. Takes them to Basketball Camps to Plymouth & Gaylord in the Summer Time. Gets them to play year round. Knows what he is doing as a Basketball Coach. Basketball Is A Team Sport. Al DeMott is a super nice guy on & off the court. Legendary Basketball Coach. BCAM Hall Of Famer….. Got His Name On His Basketball Court At Sandusky HS Now. Greatest Girls Basketball Coach Of All-Times In Thumb Area History. My Friend Told Me That Al DeMott Is Like Nick Saban Is To College Football For The Alabama Crimson Tide In Tuscaloosa. Loyal Guy To Be Around With These Days Of Ages We Live Now.

Go Sandusky Redskins Girls Basketball Head Coach Al DeMott……….. What A Job He Has Done For Those Girls All Season Long………..

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