Brian Dutcher Is Doing A Good Job As Head Coach Of The San Diego State Aztecs Basketball Team & Program In The 2019-20 Campaign.

Brian Dutcher doing a good job as Head Coach in his 3rd season at the helm of the San Diego State Aztecs Basketball Team in the 2019-20 campaign. 25-0 on the season. Took over for Steve Fisher in April of 2017. Steve Fisher retired that season as Head Coach in April of 2017. Kept the program in good shape for Brian Dutcher to run now. He was with Steve Fisher for the Michigan Wolverines during that time being in Ann Arbor. Had Juwan Howard in his system on that Fab 5 squad in the 1991 Class. Part of the Ed Martin Scandal for the Michigan Wolverines Basketball Team & Program. Steve Fisher was force to resign in 1997. Went with Steve Fisher for the San Diego State Aztecs in 1999. Been there for 20 years already now. Doing a good job as a Head Coach. He was Associate Head Coach for the Michigan Wolverines & San Diego State Aztecs. He has adjusted nicely as a Head Coach at San Diego State. Good Basketball Minded Coach. Knows what he is doing. Knows your stuff very well too. Seeing why, there 25-0 on the season. Players have bought into his system. Seeing what they are doing now. They are having good season already now. They will be a good NCAA Tournament Team in March of 2020. Brian is a Players Coach. Seeing that one too. Winning in Dignity & Class. They are playing for the School, Student Body, Fans, Alumni, & Other Ones too. Kwani Leonard will tell you that one too. He played for the San Diego State Aztecs Basketball Team in College for Head Coach Steve Fisher & Associate Head Coach Brian Dutcher. Doing very well in the NBA already now for the San Antonio Spurs & now with the Toronto Raptors. Won 2 NBA Titles for the San Antonio Spurs in 2014 & Toronto Raptors in 2019. Seeing what Brian Dutcher has done this season. Juwan Howard is doing a good job as Michigan Wolverines Basketball Coach this season. They got a good victory at home against the Indiana Hoosiers on Sunday 89-65.

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