Ryan DeWitte Is Playing College Soccer At Blackburn This Coming Fall.

Ryan DeWitte is going to play College Soccer at Blackburn College this coming fall of 2020. He is a good soccer play for the North Branch Broncos & also did the kicking department on the Football Team for Head Coach Jeremy Ferman as well this past year. Has a strong leg. Saw him kick a perfect 8 for 8 in extra points in the Yale Game on the road in BWAC Conference Play this past year. In a 56-0 victory over Yale. Did the kickoffs as well too. Good footwork, very fast, & smart ideas in Soccer as well too. Good techniques on Soccer. Also loves to play Hockey as well too. Big Steve Yzerman Fan for the Detroit Red Wings as GM now. Can’t wait to see them dominant once again in the upcoming years for the Detroit Red Wings Hockey Team. It was a savior as well too. Steve is a good GM in Hockey in the NHL. Ryan is excited about the Detroit Red Wings Hockey Team in the upcoming years. Great hire indeed. Ryan is excited about playing Soccer in College at Blackburn this coming fall. Graduates in 2 more months from now at North Branch HS. I will see Ryan DeWitte in the future as well too. He is going to missed on the Soccer & Football Team at North Branch. Congratulations On Your Commit To Blackburn College In 2020 to play College Soccer…….

Go North Branch Broncos Ryan DeWitte……..

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