Don Brown Do A Lot Better Going Forward In The Big Games In 2020 For The Michigan Wolverines Football Team On Defense.

Don Brown Needs To Do A Good Job In The Big Games On Defense For The 2020 Michigan Wolverines Football Team. Give A Few Of Them For Don Brown To Do In 2020. Wanna Get Thru This Scenario. Fans Want To See Michigan Win The Big Games In 2020.

1. Play Zone Coverage On Speedy Teams Like The Ohio State Buckeyes Have On Offense. LB’s Safeties, & Or Defensive Lineman Know The QB Is At All Times. Watch Them Take Off Running. D-Lineman Need To Get There Hands Up When The QB Is Throwing The Football On The Crossing Routes Or Slants Try To Bat The Football Away Or Go For A Interception As Well Too. That Is How Dwayne Haskins Threw The Football Very Well In The 2018 Michigan Game At Home In A 62-39 Victory In Columbus. Need To See The D-Lineman Try To Bat The Football Down On Those Crossing Routes Or Slants In 2020. Shaun Nua Needs To Address That One On His D-Line Unit In 2020. LB’s Need To Be Spying On Those QB’s As Well Too On Those Deep Throws Too. Justin Fields Hurt Us On Those Ones A Year Ago In A 56-27 Victory On The Road In Ann Arbor. LB’s Need To Go Side To Side Where Justin Fields Going At With The Football Running Or Passing Out There.

2. Gotta Win Those Turnover Battles Heading Into The Big Games. We Need To Do A Good Job On Winning Those Turnover Battles & Turning Them To TD’s Instead Of Field Goals. Saw That One In The Ohio State Game In 2019. That Needs To Address Heading Into The 2020 Campaign. Get Pressure On Justin Fields With Our Front 4 On The Defensive Line Unit. Failed To Do That One In The Last 2 Years On Dwayne Haskins In 2018 & Justin Fields In 2019. They Torch Our Good Defense 62 In 2018 On The Road In Columbus & 56 In 2019 At Home In Ann Arbor.

3. Stop The Run As Well Too. J.K. Dobbins Hurt Us In The 2019 Game At The Big House In Ann Arbor. Ran Over Our Good Defense. Over 200 Yards Rushing & 4 TD Runs. Offensive Line Hurt Us As Well Too. Need To Win The Physical Battles Up Front. Wanna Have A Good Offense In Football. Get A Good Offensive Line To Start With. Ohio State Has That One Indeed. Lots Of Talent On Side That Of The Football. Linebackers Needs To Be There As Well Too. Getting Low Pedal At All Times. Linebackers To Watch The Cutbacks At All Times Too. Be In Position To Make The Tackle In Open Space.

4. Defensive Need To Be Making Plays. DB’s Need To Get Interceptions In Those Big Games Too. Lack Of That One Too. Recover The Football As Well Too When The Football Is On The Ground. Play To Your Expectations At All Times. Make Things Count Too.

Those Are The Things For Don Brown Has To Do As Defensive Coordinator For The 2020 Michigan Wolverines Football Team. If They Want To Win The Big Games In 2020 In Ann Arbor. Play Good Team Defense & Also Be Discipline At All Times. Still Wanna Be A Top 5 Defensive Team In College Football Too. They Where Better In The Alabama Game In VRON Citrus Bowl On New Years Day In Orlando, FL. Held Them To 35 Points On The Scoreboard. Alabama Was Averaging Over 40 Some Points A Game During The Season. Alabama Killed Us With Speed In That One Too.

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