Joe Milton & Nico Collins Could Be A Dangerous 1-2 Tandem On Offense For The 2020 Michigan Wolverines Football Team.

Joe Milton could be the No. 1 QB for the 2020 Michigan Wolverines Football Team. Saw him do workouts on video last week at his home in Orlando, FL. Never taken any days off on his game at QB for the Maize & Blue. He is working hard already now. Saw some good impression on that video. I remember as a True Freshman in 2018 at The Horseshoe in Columbus. Threw a nice a ball to Nico Collins in the 4th Quarter when the game was out of reach for the Michigan Wolverines Football Team. Scored a TD Run on that drive as well too. Also run the Football. Saw that display in the 4th Quarter at home against the Wisconsin Badgers in a 38-13 route on Primetime on ABC. Impressive run by Joe Milton. Perfect for this Spread Offense that Josh Gattis is running now in Ann Arbor. Also saw him throw on the run on that video last week. Can throw the deep ball very well. Strong dude. Speed & perfect for this scheme for the Maize & Blue. Good skills at that QB position. Competition is going to be a good one indeed. With Dylan McCaffrey in the off-season now. Ben McDaniels is relying on Joe Milton to get the job done now. Gave him some workouts to do when this Coronavirus Effect & COVID-19 going on now. Has to be in excellent shape when they call you back to Ann Arbor in time. Doing very well already now. Keep it up & good things will come for Joe Milton heading into 2020. 4-Star Recruit In The 2018 Class From Orlando, FL. Committed to the Michigan Wolverines in December of 2017.

Nico Collins is doing very well in the off-season for the Maize & Blue. Lose quite of bit of weight. Improved his speed in the off-season workouts with Strength & Conditioning Coach Ben Herbert. Nico ran a 4.3 in the 40 Yard Dash & weighs 195 lbs. Best jump ball receiver in the B1G Conference & also one of the best ones in the nation. Saw him score quite of few TD’s on jump ball plays in the last 2 years for the Maize & Blue. Josh Gattis is glad to see Nico Collins back for his Senior Season at WR for the 2020 Michigan Wolverines Football Team. #SpeedInSpace Concept & Spread Offense is going to be better as well too. Nico is a good WR in College Football. Will help those young guys up in 2020 at WR for the Maize & Blue. Saw that one in the Indiana Hoosiers Game on November 23rd, 2019 at Memorial Stadium in Bloomington, IN to take a 32-14 lead at one time. Scored once again on a jump ball play once again in the 3rd Quarter to take a 39-14 lead. Ended up to be a 39-14 victory over the Hoosiers on the road. Nico is a good leader at that WR position with this Spread Offense & #SpeedInSpace Concept. Hard one to defend one on one. Not too many short guys can cover Nico Collins saw what Ohio State had a hard time on him in the 2018 game on the road in Columbus. Sheffield had a hard time cover Nico Collins in those 2 TD receptions on jump balls in the 62-39 lost to the Scarlet & Gray in Columbus. Lots of good CB’s can cover Nico Collins very well in those one on ones he gets. Best jump ball WR in the B1G Conference & also one of the 5 best in the nation. Joe Milton will throw him the Football to Nico Collins on those jump balls like he did in the 4th Quarter in the 2018 Ohio State Buckeyes Football Team on the road in Columbus.

They could be a Dangerous 1-2 tandem for the 2020 Michigan Wolverines Football Team on Offense this coming fall in Ann Arbor. Joe Milton & Nico Collins will be a fun 1-2 tandem to watch indeed. What they bring to the Maize & Blue with this Spread Offense. Ben McDaniels is relying on Joe Milton to getting the workouts now during this tough crisis. So Jim Harbaugh & Josh Gattis as well too. Josh Gattis is relying on Nico Collins to continue those workouts at home as well too. Ben Strength should be giving some workouts to do at home when this Coronavirus Effect & COVID-19 going on now in the Whole World. Also do homework from your classes online. Stay ahead of schedule. They will tell you when you can comeback to the University of Michigan Campus sometime in 2020. Stay in shape & do the right things at all-times period.

Go Blue Joe Milton & Nico Collins…….. Stay Home, Stay Safe & Sound, Saves Will Be Saved As Well Too. Do The Smart & Decisive Stuff….. Have A Good Tuesday For Both Of Them….. Keep Working Hard At All-Times………..

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