Michigan Wolverines Sports Teams & Athletes Doing Very Well For Themselves During Tough Times We Are In Now.

Michigan Wolverines Sports Teams are doing very well these days of ages we are living in now. Going thru tough times with the Coronavirus Pandemic now. Athletes are working hard on off-season workouts with the Strength & Conditioning Coaches gave them to do out there with this crisis we are in. Getting there homework done online & getting good grades to play sports once it starts up. Sports will be coming back when the COVID-19 crisis is done. Gotta eat healthy & exercise outside. Do your workouts on your own. Drink lots of water. Be smart & decisive about stuff. Stay active on things you like to do out there these days of ages we live in. Stay in shape. Listens to your coaches at all times at meetings online. See how you are doing. Have good support with one another. Trust the process. Things will comeback to normal. Stay focus on hand. Work hard on your games in these off-season workouts with the Strength & Conditioning Coaches gave you to do out there. Follow the rules & instructions. We will see over 110,000 fans at the Michigan Football Games in 2021. 2020 won’t be no fans there. If you are sick stay at home. If you are not sick you should stay active on those activities you wanna do out there anyways. Go play a round of Golf. Stay within the course of time. Days are going by fast we live in now. It will fly by fast for the rest of 2020 campaign. Jim Harbaugh is our guy to get this one over the hump. 0 & 5 against the Ohio State Buckeyes in his time as Head Coach. It will change in a matter of time. Players are working hard & doing these things there suppose to do. Have a good attitude & do your part & be in excellent shape when you arrive back to Fall Camp for Football. Work Hard & Stride Yourself To Be The Best You Can Be. Have good strategies & focus on stuff on what needs to be done before arriving back. Basketball Workouts needs to be done for Juwan Howard wants them to do at home. Have a good work ethic & mind on what you wanna be a good Basketball Player or not. Work on your game & do workouts at home. Staying active. Do some running back & forth on back yard. Run for a mile or 2. Be careful & watch out for theories on stuff that can go on or not. Staying within in yourself & put in your work & time. Trust the coaches & teammates. Rough go of things we are seeing now. Hard working individuals each & everyday. Stride themselves to be the best they can be in the long road & inro the future. Keep doing your thing. Everything will go in one piece of the puzzle. Coaches wanna see how the players are doing now. Go at it 110% everyday. COVID-19 is going to go away in some point in the future. Staying focus on hand. Worried about yourself & not anyone else but you. Handle That One Like A Adult.


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