Donald Trump Wants Everyone To Run Again Like It Was Supposed To Be Running The 1st Place.

They Shouldn’t Have The Lockdown The 1st Place. Big Mistake By The Governors In Across The Whole United States Of America. If You Got The Flu Stay At Home & Go To The Doctors Or Out-Patient Clinic Instead. Never Shouldn’t Had The Lockdowns In The 1st Place For Schools, Restaurants, Barber Shops, Hair Salon Places, & Other Ones. Coronavirus Pandemic Is All Politics. Need To Stop Playing The Mind Games Over & Over Again. Gretchen Whitmer Has Made Big Time Mistakes On All Of Those Stuff. Gotta Have The Fans At The Stadiums To Watch The Games For Both Teams To Watch Out There As Well Too. We Sports To Be Played Once Again. They Shouldn’t Never Cancelled Any Of Those Sporting Events At All. Can’t Have People Sitting Around At Home Doing Nothing. Stay Active On Those Stuff At All Times. I Also Don’t Like The 6 Feet Social Distancing Yourself As Well Too. That Is Getting Out Of Hand. Need Sports To Comeback As Soon As Possible. In The Next 30 Years We Will Talk About That Stuff That Went On In The Last 2 Months Or So. Not Being Able To Cover Any Basketball Games In The Last 2 Weeks In March. No Spring Sporting Events As Well Too. No Little League Baseball Tournaments Also Too In 2020. PGA Tour Will Be Back. Gotta Spectators There Anyways. People Aren’t Happy With That One Too. We Will Talk About That Stuff That Should’ve Been Going On In 2020. That Didn’t Happen Anyways. They Played Those Mind Games Very Well. Donald Trump Isn’t Happy With That One Scenario At All. If You Are Sick Stay At Home Or If You Are Not Sick You Should Go To Work & Go Play A Round Of Golf Anyways. Can’t Have People Sit Around At Home This Time Being. Have To Run This Places & Operate Them It Needs To Be The 1st Place. Donald Trump Isn’t Happy With Those Scenarios That Is Going On Now. Don’t Mind Working At Home. Miss Covering Sporting Events Anyways. I Want To Cover High School Sporting Events Once Again In 2020 Or So Does Everyone Else. Need Things Operate Right & Get People Back To Work Once Again Now. Need Things Back Normal Like It Was In January & February & Early March. Coronavirus Pandemic Is All Politics. It Is Like A Regular Flu You Get Out There Anyways. This Is Messed Now. Donald Trump Is Our Man Of This Job To Run As President Of The United States Of America. He Wants To See The Sporting Events Going On Too. This Is Terrible Indeed. I Wanna Cover HS Sporting Events & So Does Everyone Else. Gotta Have Fans At The Stadiums. Need All Of Our Business Back To Normal Now. Gretchen Whitmer Has Made So Mistakes On Extending Those Things Over & Over Again. Seeing Some States Opening Back Up Once Again. That Should’ve Opening Up During This Coronavirus Pandemic Was Going On The 1st Place. Gotta Those Building Operate At All Times. Keep Everyone Active & Staying In Shape Now. Remember That One For The Next 30 Years Or So. Gotta Keep Our Selves In Great Shape Now.

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