Alex Trebek Passed Away At The Age Of 80 On Saturday Night.

Alex Trebek passed away at the Age of 80 on Saturday Night. Hosted Jeopardy for over 40 years. Had pancreatic cancer & he was on Stage 4 started on March of 2019. Very good at those Jeopardy Games. Those questions where extremely hard to answer & lots of abstracts on those questions to answer. Hard game to play. Did sports questions as well. Was very good with those stuff. From Canada bought that one to the United States. Enjoy watching Jeopardy on TV & listen to Alex Trebek on those questions. Knew his stuff very well. Going to miss Alex Trebek. Going to do his Game Show at his Great Place on Jeopardy for now on instead. Rest In Peace Alex Trebek. You where the best Game Show Host on Jeopardy on TV for over 40 plus season. Going to be hard to replace a guy like Alex Trebek for sure. Incredible Indeed.

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