Moe Norman Was A Good Autistic Golfer From Canada.

Moe Norman was a good Golfer on the Canadian PGA Tour in his playing days. Had a nice Golf Swing when he was in his prime. Best Ball Striker of all times. Played on the PGA Tour in the United States & after the 1959 season after 12 tournaments he was forced to go back to Canada for now. Won 55 Canadian PGA Tour Titles in his playing days. 17 Hole-In-Ones. Broke 33 PGA Tour Records On The Canadian PGA Tour. 2 Sponsors they gave Moe Norman Titleist & Natural Golf. Did some clinic for the young kids. Greatest Ball Striker of all times in the Whole World of Golf. True Gentlemen of the game. Canadian PGA Tour Hall Of Fame & Canada Sports Hall Of Fame. Legendary Canadian Golfer. Good inspiration to everyone else. I am a good Ball Striker as well too. Moe would be proud of myself what I have done for the Game of Golf in the Whole Thumb Area. I do my Sports Analyst Business online now. Moe Norman is living in a Great Place now. Passed away at the age of 75 years old on September of 2004. Playing Golf in a great place now. Legendary Autistic Golfer In Canada…… Remember his playing days.

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