Joe Jacobs Taking Over As Frankenmuth Eagles Girls Basketball Head Coach This Coming Season.

Zoey Persails will do very well in the next 2 years for the Frankenmuth Eagles Girls Basketball Team & Program for Head Coach Joe Jacobs. Adam which is Zoey’s Dad he played Football against Joe Jacobs in 1995 with the Millington Cardinals. Frankenmuth beat Millington twice in Football in 1995. TVCE Division Play & 1st Rd of the Class B Playoffs. Zoey is a good Basketball Player for the Frankenmuth Eagles. Played one season for the Reese Rockets in her Freshman year. Decided to transferred to Frankenmuth instead. Play tougher competition. Smart move by Zoey. Joe will use Zoey’s talent very well in the next 2 years. Gotta work on your game at home now. Because of the COVID-19 going on now. Basketball skills at home. Keep doing your thing now. Keep developing as a Player moving forward. Trust your abilities & believe in yourself & your Coaches. Go 110% at all times. Have a good mind of that one. Think of what you wanna accomplish as a Player & Person.

Lexi Boyke showing me good impression as a Freshman this past season for the Frankenmuth Eagles Girls Basketball Team. Showing off her Basketball Skills on Varsity. Good mind on what she wants to accomplish as well too. Impressed with her skills. Joe Jacobs will use her skills very well. Keep developing as a Player in the next 3 years on Varsity. Mostly from Reese. Decide to go to Frankenmuth instead. Didn’t play like a Freshman at all in the 2019-20 campaign. Getting to get told to work on her game at home now. Like everyone else has too now. COVID-19 going on now too. Stride herself to be the best she can be. Go at it now. Work on skill development. Do some running now. Do it home & run sprints on your yard. Go at it 110% at all times.

John Blankenship was a big fan of Joe Jacobs as a Football Player for the Frankenmuth Eagles at QB in 1994 & 1995. Played on the best squad in 1995. Went 11-1 overall record. Lose to the Detroit Country Day Yellowjackets in the Class B Semifinals at SVSU on a Cold Snowing Day in Saginaw. Best QB John ever had as a Head Coach of the Frankenmuth Eagles Football Team & Program. Good competitor in Football & Basketball. Loves to Play & Coach. Good at both of them. Hard working individual on & off the playing field. Went to SVSU for Football. Loves to compete with the best of them. Hates to lose. Has confidence with Joe Jacobs will do a great job as Head Coach at his alma mater. 1996 Frankenmuth HS Graduated. John will be the scorekeeper at home Basketball Games for the Boys & Girls still. Glad to see Joe Jacobs become a Head Coach of this good tradition they got at Frankenmuth.

Remembers Art Pelzer & Jim Petteys as Frankenmuth Eagles Girls Basketball Head Coach in High School. Went to the Class B State Championship Game in 1992 & 1993. 1992 Won The Class B State Title went 27-0 overall record also was Joe Jacobs Freshman Year in High School. Went back the next season lose to the Dearborn Divine Child Falcons at Kellogg Arena in Battle Creek in 1993. Art Pelzer retired as Head Coach in 1993. Jim Petteys took over as Head Coach in 1994 & retired in 2003. Both of them played a good 2-3 zone Defense. Jim won a State Title in Class C in 1996 for the Frankenmuth Eagles. Jim will watch Joe Jacobs Coach this coming season. Jim goes to all of the Girls Basketball Games these days of ages. Got confidence on Joe Jacobs to getting that one done too. Got a good Basketball Mind.

Frankenmuth Eagles has a good Tradition in Girls Basketball. They won there 900th career victory this past season in School & Program History. Joe Jacobs knows a lot about this good tradition also too. He will do a good job as Head Coach in the upcoming years. Knows what players can do on a day 2 day basis. Lot of them have move on to play College Basketball for the Frankenmuth Eagles Girls Basketball Team. Succeed very well. Love there Girls Basketball at Frankenmuth too. They take pride on getting this thing done at the right pace & at the right time. Start them young. Good JV Squad this past year. Frankenmuth people are glad to see Joe Jacobs coming home to be the Girls Basketball Head Coach once again.

Tom Keller did a good job as Head Coach of the Frankenmuth Eagles Girls Basketball Team & Program during his tenure there. Won 242 games as Head Coach in his 13 years at the helm. Won lots of League Titles & District Crowns as well. Leaving this program in excellent shape for Joe Jacobs to run now. Joe knows this good tradition. Saw them play in the past years. Got a good idea on what he wants to accomplish for more years to come. Good Basketball Mind On Things He Once To Get Done. Hard working individual. Tom will watch be the spectator for now on to watch his youngest Daughter play on Varsity in the next 3 years. Joe knows the Game of Basketball very well. He will use there skills very well. Play them right. Good hire by the Frankenmuth School Board & Superintendent Adele Martin for getting Joe Jacobs. Athletic Director Recommend him too.

Joe Jacobs is a Phil Martin Fan as Football Head Coach. His Nephew Ethan Jacobs will be a Senior this coming season at Frankenmuth HS in Football & Basketball. Will get to see him play Football this coming season. Saw Zachary Jacobs QB in 2017 on the Football Team that went 12-1 overall record. Another Nephew to Joe as well. Jared Davis Fan. Plays for the Michigan Wolverines Football Team. Joe is a Ohio State Buckeyes Football & Basketball Fan. Going to have a good squad once again with QB Justin Fields in 2020 for the Scarlet & Gray on Offense in Columbus. Jim Tressel, Urban Meyer, & Ryan Day Head Coaching Fan. Good Basketball Program Too. Chris Holtmann Fan As Head Coach. Got a good Woman’s Basketball Program at Ohio State. Big Scarlet & Gray Fan……. He is Cocky & makes him a good player on the Football & Basketball Team. Good 2-Sport Athlete. Congratulations On Being Frankenmuth Eagles Girls Basketball Head Coach This Coming Season.

Go Frankenmuth Eagles Girls Basketball Head Coach Joe Jacobs……..

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