Jay Riley Will Have A Good Squad In The Upcoming Years For The Caro Tigers Girls Basketball Team.

Jay Riley has his best player in the TSA coming back for her Sophomore Year for the Caro Tigers Girls Basketball Team & Program in Adelyn Moore. Became the 1st Freshman to win the TSA Player of the Year Award in the 2019-20 campaign. Got some good 8th Graders that will play on Varsity as Freshman in the 2020-21 campaign for Jay Riley. None of them aren’t Adelyn Moore on the team at all. There going to be good. Likes the one player in the 2025 Class at Caro. Lost some good players off the 18-3 overall record & become GTCW Division Champions & Win TSA Team of the Year Award. Go unbeaten in GTCW Division Play. Jay is building a good program for the Caro Tigers Girls Basketball Team & Program. Heading into his 5th season as Head Coach of the Caro Tigers Girls Basketball Team & Program. Done a good job as Head Coach. GM at Arrowhead Golf Course in Caro, MI right now. Very nice guy also too. Trending in the right way once again. Hard working individual each & everyday. Doing very well now during this COVID-19 going on now. Tell his players to workout during this tough crisis we are in now. Work on your game at home. Do agility drills & running at home. Got sit around anyways. Go at it all times. Stay active & stay in shape.

Go Caro Tigers Girls Basketball Head Coach Jay Riley……

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