Emma Smalley Is A Good Pitcher For The 2022 Ubly Bearcats Softball Team…….


Emma Smalley is a good Pitcher for the 2022 Ubly Bearcats Softball Team. Saw her in action on Monday Night against the Sandusky Redskins in GTCE Division Action in Sandusky. Lose 2 games to the favorites heading into the 2022 campaign. Lose 3-1 in the 1st game & had a good 3-0 lead at one time & Sandusky scored 7 unanswered runs later in the 2nd game. Lost 7-3 in the 2nd game. Good hitter also too. Plays SS when she is not pitching. Good Volleyball Player for this past year. GTCE Division Champions in Volleyball & 3-Peat as Division 4 District & Regional Champions. Lose 3 straight Division 4 Quarterfinal Games. Her Mom went to Sandusky HS in the Class of 1992. Emma is Graduating on Sunday at Ubly HS in the Class of 2022. She loves Volleyball & Softball respectively. Going to miss Emma play both sports for the Ubly Bearcats. Hopefully see her in the upcoming years wherever I see her at in the future years coming up. Her Grandpa & Grandma Rudy lives in Sandusky right now. Coaches, Players, Classmates, Administrators, Teachers, & Others Ones Like Emma A Lot In Ubly…….. Next Journey is coming up soon. Enjoy talking to her & covering her games in both sports……..



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