Buddy Ryan Had Amazing 46 Defense For The 1985 Chicago Bears Football Team In The NFL.
UNITED STATES – JANUARY 26: Football: Super Bowl XX, Chicago Bears defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan victorious, getting carried off field by team after winning game vs New England Patriots, New Orleans, LA 1/26/1986 (Photo by Tony Tomsic/Sports Illustrated/Getty Images) (SetNumber: X32638 TK4 R7 F28)

Buddy Ryan was a good Defensive Minded Football Coach in the NFL in the past years. Good Defensive Coordinator for the 1985 Chicago Bears Football Team in the NFL. That 46 Defense was amazing to watch out there. Won a lot of games on Defense in 1985. Also the Greatest NFL Team of all-times in NFL History. Went 18-1 overall record. Only lost they had was against the Miami Dolphins on the road in Miami with Dan Marino at QB & Don Shula as Head Coach. Chicago Bears Defense in 1985 was fun to watch out there anyways. Good swarming Defense. They did in the right way. Buddy Ryan & Mike Ditka didn’t get along at all. Beat the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 20 at the Superdome in New Orleans 46-10. Buddy Ryan took over as Head Coach of the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL. Build a good Defense order there as well too. Reggie White & Jerome Brown & company. Buddy knew how to use that talent very well as Defensive Coordinator for the Chicago Bears in 1985 & Philadelphia Eagles as a Head Coach in the past years. Good Defensive Minded Football Coach in the NFL. Put in the right schemes for the players to get comfortable for what like or don’t like as well. Good Game Plan on what they need to do out there. Take away there best player on the team on Offense. Good mind on what he needed to do for the players to execute this game plan very well. They won a lot of games because of that style Buddy Ryan wants done at all times. Good Defensive Minded Football Guy To Have On Your Squad In The NFL. Legendary Defensive Coordinator In The NFL For The 1985 Chicago Bears Football Team. Be On Part Of The Greatest NFL Team Of All-Times In NFL History……..

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