High School Football Will Be Played In 2020 This Coming Fall.

I am glad to see the MHSAA handle this one nicely instead of Governor Gretchen Whitmer on this one. High School Football Practice will start on August 10th. Got have a temperature below 100.3 Degrees or lower to play on the High School Football Team to order to practice on the team. Gotta have the kids go to School as well too. The School Administrators should make the decisions on that stuff not Gretchen Whitmer to let kids go to School or not. Not going to talk about the COVID-19 on this one at all. Good thing is High School Football is coming back in time on August 10th in Michigan. Coaches, Parents, Athletic Director should check on the players for there temperature if they got over 100.3 Degrees will not be allowed to practice at all. If they got below a 100.3 Degrees on there temperature they will be allowed to practice anyways. Must bring there own water to practice at all times. They have been doing workouts each & every time down during this COVID-19 going on still. Good to see Michigan High School Football comeback in time for the 2020 season. Made the right choice. Should be up to the MHSAA to make that decision not Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

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