Glad To See Them Play Little League Baseball In 2020.

Happy to see them play Little League Baseball in 2020. Been blessed to cover quite of few of them in 2020. Keeps the kids to stay active & also in excellent shape. Instead of sitting around home doing nothing. Stay active on these things at all times. Get them to develop in the future years for High School Baseball. Saw the Reese Baseball Tournament 2 weeks ago. They are going at it 110%. Reaching up to there high expectations needs to be at all times. With the COVID-19 going on now. Good thing is they are letting them play Baseball during this COVID-19 now. Kids love to play Baseball. Been a pleasure to cover Little Baseball Games in 2020. Keeping there bodies going & having a good heart rates going for more years to come in the future. Working on fundamentals of Baseball. Keep people watching the game as well too. Baseball is America’s Game. Been a good pleasure of doing one in 2020 with the COVID-19 going on now. Keeps me busy to covering games as well too. Finding something to do instead of sitting around home doing nothing. Been covering Baseball Tournaments in the last 3 years.

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