Sandusky 10U Put In Good Work At The Imlay City Baseball Tournament Over The Weekend…….


Sandusky 10U Baseball Team put on a good showcase at the 2022 Imlay City Tournament on Saturday & Sunday. Took 2nd Place in that one. They had a 2-0 lead & Elba Township took a 6-2 lead & Sandusky scored 5 unanswered runs & re-take the lead for good. Get a 7-6 win over Elba Township on Sunday. Lose to Imlay City in the Championship Game twice. Took 2nd Place instead. Good Job by the Coaches for Sandusky Derek Hoff, Mike Stoliker, Eric Oswald, & Leslie Baumeister preparing the players very well at this one. Put on a good show for me & everyone else. Credit all of them working as a team not like individuals. Support our good community in this one over the weekend in Imlay City.



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