Caro Tigers vs Sandusky Redskins Tennis Match.

Caro Tigers are warming up & Coaches is talking to his players on what they need to do out there before the match starts. Giving them instructions on what they need to do out there during the match. Preparing them before it starts.

Trevor Davis is volunteer coach for the Caro Tigers Tennis Team this season. He was the No. 1 Singles Player a year ago for the 2019 Caro Tigers Tennis Team. Graduated in 2020 at Caro HS. Warming his former teammates before the match starts. Finding something to do these days of ages we live in now. Help the young guys out & succeed in the upcoming years for the Caro Tigers Tennis Team in 2020.

Jackson Kartanys is a good Basketball Player for the Sandusky Redskins. Going to be a Sophomore this season. Played on Varsity this year. Plays the No. 1 Doubles on the Sandusky Redskins Tennis Team in 2020. Classmate Annie Ross is on his team with Jackson Kartanys on the No. 1 Doubles Team in 2020. Had a good season on JV Boys Basketball Team a year ago.

Sandusky Redskins Tennis Head Coach Matt Dickendasher is giving instructions for his team before the match starts. On what you need to do out there in this one against the Caro Tigers at home on Monday. Execute & trust his abilities & believe in yourself & your teammates in this one. Go out & have fun out there anyways.

Gabe Drabant is a Freshman at Sandusky HS. Playing the No. 3 Singles this season for Head Coach Matt Dickendasher right now. Plays Basketball & Baseball also too. Good student all the way around in the classroom & also on the playing field. Good team player & classmate to everyone in the 2024 Class at Sandusky HS. Well liked by the Teachers, Administrators, Coaches, Students, & Everyone Else Too. Dedication all the way around.

Caro Tigers Tennis Team is warming the before the match starts. Going loose on the warmups before they start playing there match. Stretching there muscles up too.

Trevor Davis is talking to his teammates & helping them out on what they need to do out there anyways with this match against the Sandusky Redskins on the road on Monday. Go out & compete in this one too. Trust your stuff & abilities you got out there anyways. Help them succeed in the long run.

Gabe Drabant got a victory against in this match on Monday against the Caro Tigers in the No. 3 Singles in this match at home. Got a good future ahead of him coming up for the Sandusky Redskins Tennis Team in the next 3 years. Head Coach Matt Dickendasher is relying on this Freshman moving forward to the future years.

Caleb Minard is a good Athlete for the Sandusky Redskins as a Sophomore this season. Played Tennis as a Freshman a year ago. Plays the No. 2 Doubles for the Sandusky Redskins Tennis Team this season. His Dad James was a good Football & Baseball Player in his days for the Sandusky Redskins in the 1995 HS Graduating Class. Carson Shampo is a good Athlete also too. Plays Basketball also too. His 2024 Class at Sandusky HS is a solid bunch also too. His Dad was Chris was a good Athlete also too in the Class of 1998 at Sandusky HS. Good Cross Country Runner for both years & good Basketball Players on the team too. His mom is a good Cross Country & Track & Field Runner at Sandusky HS in the Class of 2000. Both of them are good athletes indeed. Play very well together in this No. 2 Doubles in 2020 for the Sandusky Redskins Tennis Team.

So glad to cover a High School Sporting Event once again on Monday at Sandusky HS. Last time I cover a High School Event was on March 11th in Division 3 District Semifinal Game in Boys Basketball Action at USA HS. Saw Cass City upset USA in that contest & Bad Axe beat Ubly very easily in that one too. They cancelled the HS Sporting Events starting on March 12th. Crazy scenario we are in now with the COVID-19 going on now still. Started on March 13th. Sports are coming back once again. Started the PGA Tour Event started on June 11th. NBA & NHL having there postseason once again now. IndyCar & Nascar Racing going on now with no spectators at those events in 2020. Frustrating 2020 for the 5 months we are in now.

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