Trevor Lawrence Carried The Load For The Clemson Tigers Against The Georgia Yellowjackets On The Road In Atlanta.

Trevor Lawrence carried the load for the Clemson Tigers in a road victory against the Georgia Tech Yellowjackets on Saturday. Counted for 5 TD Passes in the 1st Half. Scored 52 Pts in the 1st Half in this ACC Conference Play. Ran the Offense to perfection in that road victory. Head Coach Dabo Swinney has been impressed with Trevor Lawrence has done for the Clemson Tigers in his 3 years playing QB in Death Valley. Been amazing career for this big time QB. Development has been unbelievable for this team. ACC Conference isn’t really strong at all in Football. Done very well against the SEC Conference Football Teams in the past years. Beat Alabama twice in the College Football Playoff National Championship Game in 2016 & 2018. Also beat Auburn & LSU on that Alabama in the SEC West Division also too. Clemson scored 21 pts in the 2nd Half. Developing young players on Offense & Defense for the Clemson Tigers Football Team & Program. Defense has been unbelievable in 2020 for DC Brent Venables so far so good. Held Georgia Tech to 7 Pts on the scoreboard in the road victory. Scoring 73 pts on the scoreboard is highest scoring mark Clemson put on in 2020 College Football Season. Dabo isn’t satisfied with the Clemson Tigers Football Team results in this game. Lots to work on yet in 2020 in ACC Conference Play. Got Notre Dame & Boston College on the schedule coming up for Clemson Tigers Football Team & Head Coach Dabo Swinney. Trevor Lawrence is a Special QB in College Football & will have a good NFL career at QB in the upcoming years. Congratulations on your brilliant performance on the road on Saturday in Atlanta.

Go Clemson Tigers Football Team QB Trevor Lawrence……….

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