Will Case Impressed Me In The 8-Man Football Regional Championship Game.

Will Case put on a good display at QB Last Saturday at North Huron HS. Accounted for 6 Total TD’s for the North Huron Warriors Football Team in a 50-20 victory over the Mt. Pleasant Sacred Heart Academy Irish in the Regional Championship Game. Sit out a couple of game with a injury he suffered. Came back for this one instead. Did amazing work for this team needed him the most. Good student of the game & also in the classroom & on the playing & off the playing field too. Good overall guy to be around with. Good mindset on things he needs to do for this team. Gotta do online classes now. 8-Man Football Semifinal Game got postpone they where going to play against the Portland St. Patrick Shamrocks on the road this Saturday. MDHHS made this decision postpone this for 3 weeks now. Gretchen Whitmer had to make tough choices too during this COVID-19 going on now still. Being Governor of Michigan is not a easy job at all to do out there. Crazy 8 months of these things we are seeing still in 2020. Will will handle this one like everyone else will for the North Huron Warriors Football Team. Still gotta do exercise at home & do some running on your own now. Will has to listen to details from his teachers in School now online & Head Coach Chad Knoblock when to comeback to practice in time for the Football Team. Still do his thing when he needs to do out there anyways. Go about your business & do the smart & decisive stuff for the team & everyone else. Put on showcase for Me, Paul Adams, Jason Parmenter, Eddie Fury, & Jonathon Bischer in this 8-Man Football Regional Championship Game Last Saturday at North Huron HS in a 50-20 victory. Be Regional Champions Once Again In 2020. Chad Gets Will Case Coming Back Next Season As Well Too At QB For The North Huron Warriors Football Team For His Senior Year In 2021. He is a Junior right now in HS. Good attitude & listens to details very well. Smart overall student of the game & in the classroom & on & off the playing field. Good leader for this team now. Continue that one in 2021 for the North Huron Warriors Football Team & Program. Impressed me in this Regional Championship Game at home Last Saturday. Going to handle this one once again on this 2nd stint they got now. Talk to Will a little bit after game on this win too. I told him Congratulations on your fantastic performance for your hometown fans to cheer on Will Case in this Regional Championship Game at North Huron HS. Fans where impressed with him in that outcome.

Go North Huron Warriors Football Team QB Will Case……………

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