Brian Jones Is A Good Football Referee & Head Coach In His Days.

Brian Jones was a excellent Football Head Coach on the JV Squad for the Sandusky Redskins in 1990-93. Best squad he had was in 1992 JV Squad went 8-0 that season. Sandusky HS Class of 1995 & 1996 will tell you that one too. Players respected Brian Jones & Tom Kreger very well that season. Good core of players on that team. Cared about his ideas & things you needed to do out there anyways. Knew what he was talking about stuff as well. Good mindset of things you needed to do out there anyways. Reach up to your expectations needed to be at all-times. Football Has Been His Passion While He Was Young Child. 1984 Armada HS Graduated. Played College Football at Adrian College. Went to teach at CPS Schools one year & now at Sandusky for 30 already now. English in HS in 1990-99. Counselor in 1999-present at the Elementary School now in Sandusky. HS Football Referee as well too. Knows his Football very well. Dereck Phillips, Fred Hicks, Doug Neumeyer Sr, Tom Kreger, & Dave Gutierrez would be a great coaching staff on that Sandusky Redskins Football Coaching Staff. Better then Rick Tank & Mark Ruggles also too. His Kids are Graduated now from High School. One is still in College now.

Go Sandusky Redskins Brian Jones………….

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