Mike MacDonald Got Hired As Defensive Coordinator For The 2021 Michigan Wolverines Football Team In Ann Arbor.

Mike MacDonald got hired as Defensive Coordinator for the Michigan Wolverines Football Team in 2021-present in Ann Arbor for Head Coach Jim Harbaugh. LB’s Coach for the Baltimore Ravens right now in the NFL. They had good LB’s for the Baltimore Ravens in the past & present years now. Still got good LB’s on this unit now in the NFL. Still going to be on the Coaching Staff in the AFC Playoffs. They take on the Tennessee Titans in the AFC Wild Card Playoff Game in Nashville this weekend. When the Baltimore Ravens season is over. He will arrived to the Michigan Wolverines Football Team as Defensive Coordinator in 2021-present. Don Brown got fired as Defensive Coordinator on December 22nd, 2020. Disappointed season overall with this unit for the Maize & Blue. Finish in the bottom of the B1G Conference on Defense in 2020. That is why, Jim Harbaugh decided to hire Mike MacDonald as DC for the Maize & Blue instead. Going to be a very good Defensive Recruiter in College Football. Just like Greg Mattison was in his time as DC/DL Coach for Brady Hoke & Jim Harbaugh in 2011-18. Mike will go from one Harbaugh to another Harbaugh once again. Spent 7 years as LB’s Coach for the Ravens Defense. Top 5 Defensive Team year in & year out basis in the NFL. He will bring back a Top 5 Defensive Unit in College Football in 2021 once again in Ann Arbor. Guide this Defense to be successful once again in Ann Arbor. Recruit Elite Players out of High School. Jim Harbaugh is hiring young talent Coaches in his staff already now in Ann Arbor. Michigan has good talent on Defense. Don Brown didn’t use it right anyways. Mike MacDonald will use very well indeed. 33 years old right now. Right man for this job as DC for the Maize & Blue. He will fixed some problems with this unit moving forward to 2021-present. He will be a successful play caller in his time as well. Be a Elite Defense once again in Ann Arbor. It will also help out the Offense as well too. Not come from behind wins. Stay ahead of schedule right away too in 2021.

Go Blue Defensive Coordinator Mike MacDonald…….. Congratulations On This Job For The Michigan Wolverines Football Team In Ann Arbor.

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