Damarquss Palmreuter Is The Best Boys Basketball Player In The GTCW Division In 2021.

Damarquss Palmreuter is the best player in the GTCW Division in Boys Basketball for the Reese Rockets in 2021. Played on Varsity for 3 years already now. Played for Head Coach Brian Kern in his Freshman & Sophomore Season & now with Justin Shepherd in his Junior. Made unbelievable improvements in the last 2 years. Made a nice transition from one Head Coach to another one. Sportswriters have been impressed with Damarquss this season. Expected to be the team to beat in the GTCW Division. There playing like one now. Learn the Justin Shepherd system very well now. Scored a lot of points in the victory over the Bad Axe Hatchets on Thursday Night at Bad Axe HS in a big GTCW Division Showdown. Put on a good display for me & everyone else too. Shoot the Basketball very well. Good Ball Handler. Play Defense for this team. True Athlete all the way around. Great competitor. Loves to play this sport. His dedication is getting him here now at Reese. Good mindset of things. He is smart on being cocky & good guy to talk anyways. Makes him a good player on the court. Let’s his game to come to Damarquss on the playing court. Showing that one too. Smart at playing this sport. Basketball is in Damarquss’s blood. Good mindset of things. Get other guys involve. Justin Shepherd is glad to have him on the squad. Putting the pieces together now. 5-0 on the campaign. Proved that one on Thursday Night against a good Bad Axe Hatchets Boys Basketball Team on the road. Good Football Player. Plays WR on Head Coach Cody Reif. Good Athlete All The Way Around. Michigan Wolverines Sports Fan……… Keep That One Going Damarquss Palmreuter….. Let The Game Come To You For More To Come Yet. You Have Impressed Me So Far In 2021. Just Go For It All…………

Go Reese Rockets Basketball Team No. 1 Damarquss Palmreuter…………….

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