George Lasecki Will Be Retiring As Math Teacher After The 2020-21 School Season Is Over.

George Lasecki is going to be retiring as Math Teacher at Sandusky HS after the 2020-21 campaign. Does a very good job announcing Sandusky Football & Basketball Games at home in his time being there too. Like the way they blow the sirens when they score a TD & victory at home. Does remarkable community work for the City of Sandusky. Worked at the Fire Department for a longtime. Cares about people as well too. Math is a very hard subject to learn. Lots of abstracts in Math in Algebra 1 & 2 & higher down. Knew how to teach that stuff very well. Made a lot of friends during that time being in Sandusky. Steven Carlson & Paul Flynn will miss George Lasecki as Math Teacher at Sandusky HS. Took over for Dennis Vibe. Has 2 kids. Both of them Graduated from HS & College. Angela played for the Sandusky Redskins Girls Basketball Team & have a privilege to play for the Legendary Head Coach Al DeMott. Jacob was the QB on the 2014 Sandusky Redskins Football Team for Head Coach Craig Jacobson that went 6-4 overall record. Played on the Class C District Championship Team in Boys Basketball in 2015 Sandusky Redskins. Beat the Marlette Red Raiders in a come from behind win at Brown City HS. Connor Green hit the buzzer beater shot for Head Coach Tristan Pennington. Hopefully they can let him do the Football & Basketball Game announcing still in the upcoming years for the Sandusky Redskins. Got a very good voice at the games. Good mindset of ideas. My Sister Susie Miller liked Mr. Lasecki as Math Teacher in HS. Got her to succeed very well after College. Got her a good job in Chicago right now. Got other ones too. Good guy to talk to in the past years. Cares about people as well. Hard Working Dedicated Person Year Round. There for everyone else. Good idea & go from there on out. See people take steps from there on out. People will remember George Lasecki for a long time coming in the future years. Super Good Math Teacher At Sandusky HS. Dennis Vibe & George Lasecki are the 2 best ones in School History. Think about that one now.

Go Sandusky Redskins George Lasecki…………

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