Allison Galsterer Is A Good Cross Country & Track & Field Runner For The Reese Rockets In The Class Of 2022.

Allison Galsterer is a good Cross Country & Track & Field Runner for the Reese Rockets in the Class of 2022. Took 2nd Place in the GTCW Division Cross Country Race on October 20th at Reese HS. Part of a good Junior Class right now in Cross Country & Track & Field. She impressed me in the last 3 events in the 800M, 1600M, & 3200M Run. Took 2nd Place in all 3 of them on Friday Night at there Invitational in Reese HS. Good mindset of that stuff. Dedicated Runner Year Round. Loves doing that one. Good mindset of that year round. Freshman Jenna Sweeney is unbelievable to watch out there. They are lucky to have her. Make a good difference for everyone else. Both of them put on a showcase for me & everyone else. Enjoy watching & covering her events. Good running skills she brings to the table for Head Coach Foster Findlay. She is back for them in 2021 for the Cross Country Team for the Reese Rockets. They will be strong indeed once again. His Dad is the HS Principal right now at Reese HS. One more year left to go to School. Fun one to watch for sure. Good Family They Raise Her Right. Smart individual lady as well too. Keep it going for more in 2021. Fun to watch them do there thing.

Go Reese Rockets Girls Track & Field & Cross Country Team Class Of 2022 Allison Galsterer……….. You Are Awesome Indeed…….. Keep It Going For More………..

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