Marlette Red Raiders Baseball Team 2021 GTCE Division Champions.

Marlette Red Raiders 2021 Baseball Team is GTCE Division Champions once again. Head Coach David Hayden has done a good job with this team & program thru out his time there in Marlette. They found a way to beat the Sandusky Redskins in Game 2 of the GTCE Division Game at Albrecht Field in Sandusky on Thursday Night. Beat Sandusky in the Bottom of the 7th Inning with 2 outs & scored 3 runs to win this contest on the road. Sandusky had 2 errors on that one too in the 7th inning. Championship Teams find a way to win a game no matter what. David Hayden took over for John Forti in 2016. Changed the Culture around in Marlette. Won it in 2019. Now won it once again in 2021. Good core of players on this squad now. They know how to run that system very well he wants it to be at all times. Have a good mindset of that one too. Buy into that system very well indeed. Find your strengths & weaknesses of your Baseball Game. Seeing that one too. Sandusky is a good team now. Head Coach Ryan Pritchett has done a remarkable job with that Department. Got them ahead of schedule now. They came to play in this one too. Couldn’t finish the deal in this one. Marlette is GTCE Division Champions once again in 2021. Ugly or Not win is a win no matter what people say win is a win period. Congratulations On A Job Well Done Once Again.

Go Marlette Red Raiders Baseball Team Head Coach David Hayden………..

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