Sophie Shuart Is Doing Very Well For The 2021 Bad Axe Hatchets Volleyball Team.

Sophie Shuart is making the most out of her chance for the 2021 Bad Axe Hatchets Volleyball Team for Head Coach Christine Kaczuk. Senior this season at Bad Axe HS. Didn’t play at all a year ago in Volleyball. Doing very well on this roster in 2021. Haley Newland & Kate Clancy are Seniors also too for this roster. Part of the 3 Seniors on this team. Best Senior Newcomer in the Whole Thumb Area in Volleyball in 2021. Showing me good impression at 2 of her games I covered out there in 2021. Plays in the front row. Does very well in the front row. Made some kills & other stuff too. Good student of the game & also in the classroom. Remember her on the Basketball Team in 2021. Plays Soccer also too. Good 3-Sport Athlete. Good mindset of one at thing at a time. Good mindset of that one she does very well. Smart individual student all the way around. Friendly person. Enjoy talking to her no matter what. Top 10 of my favorite female athletes in the Whole Thumb Area. She has impressed me at what she does for everyone else. Good community supporter & watch the Football Team shine in 2021. Keep it on going for it more to come yet for the rest of the 2021 Bad Axe Hatchets Volleyball Team. Head Coach Christine Kaczuk is blessed to have Sophie Shuart on the roster now as a Senior on Varsity Volleyball. Making the most of it now. Making it count for sure. Good mindset of that one as well too. Go for it all now. Keep that one thing & made it count so far so good. Keep that way for the rest of the season. Great Lady Overall.


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