Chris Babcock Is A Very Good Baseball Minded Coach For The Peck Pirates.

Chris Babcock has a good understanding of the Game of Baseball for the Peck Pirates. Works on the program year round. Coaches the Varsity Team up. Coaches the 14U Baseball Team as well too. Works with all of them. Teaches them good fundamental sound Baseball. Good techniques & other stuff as well too. Been his passion while growing up as a Child. Good mindset of that one too. Players love playing for Chris Babcock anyways. Knows what he is talking. They believe in his Coaching minds. Get a good understanding on what we want to accomplish in the long run for the Peck Pirates Baseball Team & Program in the future years. Showing me good impression as a Baseball Coach on Varsity in Peck. Good qualities on what he wants done right for this team & program. Belief they can do things in the right way. Go from there on out. Take one step at a time & everything goes in the 1’s at a time. Believe yourself & your teammates. Go at it 110% at practices & games. Good mindset of that one now. 1992 Sandusky HS Graduated. Barry Ziehm is proud of what he has done so far for himself & in the Peck Pirates Baseball Team & Program. Do the right things for everyone else at all times. Got support in the Peck Community. Well liked in Sandusky & in Peck now. Smart individual guy all the way around in Baseball & away from the game too. Good season overall for the 2021 Peck Pirates Baseball Team on Varsity. Lost to the Marlette Red Raiders in the Division 4 District Championship Game on Friday at Kingston HS 11-1. They beat them the 1st time around in the Regular Season in Marlette in April…… Chris Babcock is a very good Baseball Coach all the way around period. Congratulations on a find season overall in 2021. Proud of Chris Babcock has done for himself & everyone in that small community he lives in now in Peck. Keep up the good work & everything will go into one piece of the puzzle.

Go Peck Pirates Baseball Team & Program Chris Babcock…………

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