Matthew Boyd Had A Nice Outing On Sunday Against The Toronto Blue Jays At Comerica Park In Detroit.

Matthew Boyd was unbelievable in the lost to the Toronto Blue Jays on Sunday at Comerica Park in Detroit. Came back from the DL. Dealing with a injury for a while already. Pitch 4 innings & allowed 2 runs & had 5 strikeouts & got the lost for the Detroit Tigers. Bullpen did the job in that one too. Jose Cisnero kept them off the scoreboard. Bases loaded with no outs. Left them on base. Great Double Play turn also too kept that one to 2-1. Toronto got the job done as well too. Pitching duo indeed all weekend long between the Blue Jays vs Tigers. Detroit took 2 of 3 on the road. Toronto got them back taking 2 of 3 themselves at Comerica Park in Detroit. Finish 2021 series at 3 wins apiece by both Ball Clubs. Nice outing indeed. 31 mores games to go for the 2021 Detroit Tigers Baseball Team still to play yet. AJ Hinch has done a wonderful job all season long with this team he is got on this roster. Been staying ahead of schedule in the Rebuilding Department Process all season long. Staying ahead of schedule doing very well with that one too. 62-69 on the season now. Still in 3rd Place in the American League Central Division right now with Chicago White Sox in 1st Place & Cleveland Indians in 2nd Place. Players have bought into that system very well indeed. Made remarkable adjustments during that time period. Great future ahead of us now in Detroit. Glad to see Matthew Boyd back at the helm now. Did wonderful work in the lost on Sunday in Detroit.

Go Detroit Tigers Baseball LHP Matthew Boyd. Nice Job Out Anyways In Debut Coming Back From Your Injury You Where Dealing With Too…….

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