Robbie Grossman Has Getting Better & Better Each Week For The Detroit Tigers Baseball Team.

Robbie Grossman has come on nicely indeed. Making good progress for this Ball Club each & every week for 1st Year Manager AJ Hinch. They signed him a 2-year contract in the off-season to play for the Rebuilding Team in 2021. Made things interesting. Hitting the Baseball a lot better then he was before. Learning on what he is doing wrong & getting those things corrected now. Making good adjustments & fixing things to perfection. Being a good team player. Helping out the young players to be successful in the future years for the Detroit Tigers Baseball Team in the upcoming years. Good OF & Switch Hitter. Saw 2 walk-off hits from Robbie already in 2021. Base hit against the Kansas City Royals at home & 2-run homer with 2 outs against the New York Yankees at home as well. Been a nice addition to this Rebuilding Ball Club now in Detroit. Being a good team player for this Ball Club. Play for a good Manager for the Oakland Athletics with Bob Melvin before arriving to the Detroit Tigers. Go from one good Manager to another good Manager once again now. Go from Oakland to Detroit. Good student of the Game of Baseball. Listen to details from everyone else. Make them now what they can accomplish in the future years. Good addition to this Ball Club in 2021 & 2022 for the Detroit Tigers Baseball Team & Organization. Love playing for both Managers in the MLB. AJ Hinch is proud of what he has done so far with this Rebuilding Team in 2021. Making everyone else better around him better. His Attitude & Mindsets are incredible indeed. Making a good difference now in Detroit. Good team player & good competitor as well too. Class Act Individual On & Off The Playing Field. Impressive stuff for sure. Enjoy seeing him play in 2021.

Go 2021 Detroit Tigers Baseball Team OF & Switch Hitter Robbie Grossman……. Enjoy Watching Him Play & Compete. Do The Job Done Right At All Times. Going At It 110% At Practices & Games. Go From There On Out Now…………

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