Griffin Meinhold Was Unbelievable Leading The Bad Axe Hatchets Football Team To A GTCW Division Win Over The Cass City Red Hawks At Claude Marsh Field In Bad Axe.

Griffin Meinhold was unbelievable for the Bad Axe Hatchets Football Team in the GTCW Division Opener against the 3-Time Defending GTCW Division Champions the Cass City Red Hawks at Claude Marsh Field in Bad Axe on Thursday Night. Ran the Football very well & Offensive Line Open up holes very nicely indeed. Scored 2 TD Runs in the 2nd Quarter. 3 of 4 in Point After Attempts. Good student of the game & also in the classroom. True winner overall. He is a Junior this season at Bad Axe HS. Head Coach Kal Pokley is glad to him on the roster. His Dad is a help as well too. Good all-around athlete. His teammates help out nicely in the win at home. Cass City is a good team & also a young talented bunch. They lost a lot of them to Graduation a year ago. Went to the Division 7 Semifinals in the last 2 years. Players came ready to play in that one too. Great 4 Recipes on that one too & executed that one to perfection.

Run The Football.
Play Good Defense.
Have Good Special Teams.
Score Touchdowns.

That is Football it is at there finest period. Kal Pokley did a Jim Tressel Recipe on that one for the Bad Axe Hatchets Football Team & Program. Scored 7 points off of that turnover they recovered on Special Teams in the 1st Quarter. I also liked the aggressive play call on 4th & 5 in deep of Cass City’s side of the end zone on the opening drive of the game. Keaton Braun scored on long TD run to take a 6-0 lead. Keaton was amazing in the win over the Harbor Beach Pirates on the road in the opener. Harbor Beach scored 33 points in the win on the road. Played much better on Defense against a good Cass City Run Offense. Allowed 0 points on the scoreboard. Averaging 42 points a game in the 1st 2 games of the season. Total Team Effort all the way around on Thursday Night in Bad Axe.

Last time Bad Axe beat Cass City was in 2001. 20 years ago they beat Cass City. Did a good job in that department. Not satisfied with the outcome of the game on Thursday Night. Keep improving during the course of the season still yet to play. Coaches & Players know it too. Keep improving during the course of the season yet to come. Keep going at it 110% at practices & games. Be smart & decisive about things to come yet to play for the 2021 campaign. Sunday & Labor Day you are on the full go of things in Practice. Prepare for the USA Patriots on the road Next Friday Night at USA HS. Keep going & going for now period. You are playing the best of the best right now. Can’t play cupcakes on the schedule anymore. Get enough points to get into the MHSAA Playoffs. 6 wins will not put you in no more. Good start of that one now. Coaches & Players are getting along with one another now. Help one another to succeed for the 2021 campaign. Claude Marsh is happy with the victory over the Cass City Red Hawks on Thursday Night at his Football Field in GTCW Division Action. Living in a Great Place right now. Passed Away In 2005. Lot of good teams in the 1960’s for the Bad Axe Hatchets Football Team as Head Coach during that time period. 1978 Bad Axe Hatchets Football Team was unbelievable also too. Bad Axe Hatchets Boys Basketball Head Coach Mark Krug was on that roster. Hurt that season too. Played for a State Championship Game in Class C. Lost in a closed one at the Pontiac Silverdome in Pontiac. 1995 squad was good also too. Aaron Meinhold played on that one as a Junior with Jared Hicks & company. 7-2 overall record that season. Shared that TCC National Crown to the EPB Lakers.

Good Team Victory Overall For Head Coach Kal Pokley & The 2021 Bad Axe Hatchets On The Victory Against A Good Young Talented Cass City Red Hawks Football Team In Front Of Your Home Crowd On Thursday Night At Claude Marsh Field In Bad Axe. Keep On Going For It More Still To Come Yet For This Roster……….

Go Bad Axe Hatchets Football Team Griffin Meinhold……

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