Kenzie Kreger Is The Best Freshman Cross Country Runner In The GTC In 2021.

Kenzie Kreger had a nice showing as a Freshman at the Hatchet Invitational on 9/11 at the Huron County Fairgrounds in Bad Axe. Took 2nd Place in the Individual one. She is a Freshman in the 2021-22 campaign at Sandusky HS. Head Coach Wayne Roberts is glad to have Kenzie on the 2021 Sandusky Redskins Girls Cross Country Team now. Showing me good impression a year ago as a 8th Grader at the Jr. High Boys/Girls Redskin Invitational at Woodland Hills Golf Course in Sandusky on October 3rd, 2020. Won that race as well too. Carried that one over nicely indeed. It is a privilege to run Cross Country for the Great Wayne Roberts already now in Sandusky. Best Cross Country Head Coach in the State of Michigan. She beat the Defending Division 4 State Runner-Up Runner Maze Gusa on Saturday for the Ubly Bearcats in that meet. She impressed already now. More work needs to be done still. You are not satisfied with this one too. Keep improving during the course of the season now. Keep on going for it more still to come yet. Got a good work ethic & attitude on the team now. Drive for it all still to come yet for the Sandusky Redskins Girls Cross Country Team in the next 3 years. Good start at it now. More to come yet still. Good mindset of that one now & go for it more to come yet for Kenzie Kreger………

Go Sandusky Redskins Girls Cross Country Team Class Of 2025 Kenzie Kreger…….

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