AJ Hinch Should Be The 2021 American League Manager Of The Year Award Candidate.

AJ Hinch has done a remarkable as Manager for the 2021 Detroit Tigers Baseball Team. GM Al Avila made a good hire on him on October 30th, 2020 at Comerica Park in Detroit. Won 72 games with the players he is got on the roster now. 8-22 on May 4th. They are now 64-56 in the last 120 games already now. Been playing winning Baseball after May 4th. Credit goes to AJ, Coaches, & Players on the roster. Fixing a lot of mistakes they where making in April. Gotten better & better each month. Working as a team. Stayed ahead of the rebuilding department process the whole 2021 season. Took 2 of 3 at home against the Tampa Bay Rays last weekend. Sweep the series at home against the Milwaukee Brewers last week in a 2-game variety. Took 3 of 4 against the Milwaukee Brewers in 2021. There in 1st Place in the National League Central Division. Split the 4-game series against the Tampa Bay Rays on Sunday at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida. Won the 2021 series against the Tampa Bay Rays 4-3. Defending American League Champions & also World Series Runner-Up in 2020. Lots of good & bad things happen to this 2021 Detroit Tigers Baseball Team. MLB Experts & Including Myself had them going under .500 record in 2021. They where right about that one & myself too. AJ doesn’t play favorites on this roster at all period. Plays by talent, work ethic, attitude, & other stuff too. Seen unknown players do very well on this roster in 2021. Put up good stats to this team. No one had them winning 70+games in 2021. I knew AJ was going to do a good job with this team he is got out there anyways. Good thing going now in the future years ahead of us at Comerica Park in Detroit. That Ballpark will be packed in the upcoming years. Detroit Tigers will win a World Series Title in a few more years from now with this Manager. Like he did with the 2017 Houston Astros Baseball Team. Detroit Tigers have a good Farm System in store now. 7th best in the MLB. Good Prospect that known ones & unknowns now. Future is bright in Detroit. Fans lets get excited about this one too in the upcoming years now. Started with Ron Gardenhire in the last 3 years as Manager of that Ball Club. Taught them how to play proper Baseball & good fundnamentals also too. AJ is good with the young players also too. Right man for this job in Detroit. Players like playing for him like the Houston Astros did in 2015-19 as Manager of there Ball Club. Deserves to be on the 2021 American League Manager of the Year Award Candidate List. Great MLB Players Coach & Manager. No one had winning more 60+games in 2021. They past the 60+win plaque now for the 2021 Detroit Tigers Baseball Team.

Go 2021 Detroit Tigers Baseball Manager AJ Hinch…………

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