Kyle Rowley Doing A Good Job As Head Coach For The 2021 Armada Tigers Football Team & Program.

Kyle Rowley took over as Head Coach for the 2020 Armada Tigers Football Team & Program. Got a good 2021 squad & there 6-1 on the season now. Best victory he had out there was against North Branch Broncos in Week 3 of the 2021 High School Football Season at Krepps Field in North Branch HS in BWAC Conference Action. North Branch put the most points on Armada’s Defense in 2021. Lose to the Almont Raiders on Friday Night at Almont HS 14-7 in BWAC Conference Action. Beat the Best Head Coach in the BWAC Conference tells you a lot about this squad in 2021. Kyle will remember beating Jeremy Ferman for the North Branch Broncos on the road in Week 3 of the season. Kyle will remember that one forever now beating the best Head Coach in the Whole Thumb Area & also in the BWAC Conference also too. Lose to the Almont Raiders on the road on Friday Night. Was a disappointing one for the team & everyone else too. Take on a good Cros-Lex Pioneers Squad on Friday Night at Armada HS in Week 8 of the season now. Flint Kearsley Hornets in Week 9 of the season to finish off the regular season. 6-1 on the season now. Took over for Todd Stumpf as Head Coach. Good decision on that hire they made out there in the off-season in 2020. Good group of players on the roster now.

Go 2021 Armada Tigers Football Team Head Coach Kyle Rowley………

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  1. Very interesting details you have mentioned, thanks for posting. “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive” by Sir Walter Scott.

    1. Love being a sportswriter & sports photographer at home now……

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